St Nicks pupils - past & present

As well as its current pupils and their families, St Nicks is fortunate to be supported by an extended network of church parishioners and past pupils and parents. As a nurturing Christian community with a busy social calendar, the school inevitably plays a big part in local people’s lives. It is this extended family that St Nicks is now turning to for help to Raise the Roof.



Head Boy, 2017-18

"Our school building was built in Victorian times which does give it a special feeling but it also means that we don’t have very much space.  Raise the Roof funding will mean we are able to learn in smaller groups and be able do more lessons like cooking, art and science, which are difficult for us at the moment.

Fundraising is hard work but if we all band together and do our little bit to help this project, we will make it!  Even children can fundraise. Me and my friends ran a stall last year and raised nearly £400 for the PTA trading Lego cards.  Everyone can do something!

Please help us make the future of St Nicks School brighter than ever."


Solveig Leonard

Parent and former pupil

"St Nicks is the common bond within many of my friendships. In my view, it is these relationships that help Chislehurst retain its friendly and quaint, village-like feel.  The school was considered “cosy” when I was a pupil, but it is literally bursting at the seams these days and desperate for expansion.

Chislehurst just wouldn’t be the same without the original St Nicks school building being just a stone’s throw away from the church, adjacent to The Pit and at the very heart of our community. It makes sense that we simply extend and improve the current facilities as opposed to building and relocating to a new modern building elsewhere in the borough.

We passionately want to be able to provide the best possible opportunities to enable our children to excel in all areas of the curriculum, now and in the future. By making this investment, we can all help maintain and grow the great community spirit that has become synonymous with Chislehurst."



Head Girl, 2017-18

"Our school would be improved if we had a place where we can do more practical activities, such as cooking and art, without the worry of making a mess in our small classrooms.

St Nicks is a fun but cramped environment. If we had more space it would allow pupils more freedom and creative expression. 

It is a great school, full of enthusiasm to learn and succeed, but more space would be amazing for everybody!"


Alison Thomas

Parent and former pupil

"St Nicholas was a wonderful place to attend school. A really small, family community, the ethos of which has remained until now. At one time, all four of us siblings were there together. I met my dearest friend there when I was four and we still remain very close although she now lives in Switzerland. It was a real joy for me to see my two children growing up and blossoming in the school as well."


Pixie Lott

“I loved my early years at St Nicks with my sister and brother. I’m still friends with people from my year now! Loved our walk to church every Friday morning, playing in the quad and pit, these memories I will treasure forever. I want to support Raise the Roof fundraising campaign for St Nicks to enhance its facilities for future generations.”

If you have a connection to the school or attended there yourself, we would love to hear your memories and what you are doing now:

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