Why Raise the Roof?

St Nicks first opened its doors in 1836 and is still housed in the original Victorian schoolhouse. Its prominent position on Chislehurst Common, just across from its namesake church, is an important part of local heritage.

For all its character and charm, St Nicks is critically short of space and with that comes an absence of the cutting-edge facilities that other comparable schools benefit from. Investment is needed to make the school fully compliant with safeguarding standards and to make optimum use of the available space.

The renovation work will cost £280k in total, which includes relocating the school office to the ground floor and installing a more secure entry system. Much of the cost will be covered by Aquinas (the Multi-Academy Trust St Nicks joined in 2014) incorporating the school’s reserves. However, with only limited funds and responsibility for 10 different schools, Aquinas is unable to finance the building work in its entirety. 

Raise the Roof seeks to raise £130k to reconfigure the classroom layout and refurbish the new teaching spaces.